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With a personal touch. Leviathan Technology Group, Inc. is a premier technology services firm providing software development solutions, application design services and project support in all areas of technology operations.

What's New

Leviathan Technology Group, Inc. Website We have just relaunched our website with a greatly simplified design and streamlined interface. We are trying out a few different front-end technologies here as well. jQuery is used throughout in a precise way, namely the loading of the different pages through the navigation. We are also using the latest in web font replacement. The 'Monster Service' font is being pulled in through Google fonts, and the headers ("what's new" and "latest work" for example) are using Cufon. Typography makes as big an impact as imagery, and these services make it simple to implement.

Latest Work

Mobile Development Go Mobile!with Leviathan Group. Leviathan team moving forward on several new apps, expaning Android Development team and IOS group.

What We Do

Skillful Project Management

Project Management Project Management is central to our software development process. Our project managers work closely with the development team and each customer throughout the entire project development lifecycle. We strive not only to provide customer satisfaction but also to enable the team to build optimal solutions customized for each client. We believe open communication in conjunction with a solid team and proven project management strategies are instrumental to successful product delivery. Our pursuit to develop flexible, skilled and harmonious teams that have worked together symbiotically on various projects creates a solid foundation to execute our proven project management procedures.

Semantic Web Design

Web Design Clean, semantic web design is one of our mantras at Leviathan Tech. Another one of our mantras is 'Don't eat that. You don't know where it has been.' But I digress. We employ clean and readable designs that are user friendly. That's what makes our clients so happy. We love to discuss the value of using an F-Layout versus a Z-Layout in design. Or why using open source is superior/inferior over closed source. And other nerdy topics. But we know what works on the web and that is 'Don't make me think!' The easier a site is to understand, the easier it is for a user to find precisely what he/she is looking for, the easier it is for Google to find what it is looking for on your site, and the happier you will be with your site. We get that.

Software Development Ninjas

Software Development Our software engineers are well versed in cutting edge technological solutions. Our goal is to synthesize stable, growth-oriented software services that expand to meet the needs of your business. Team leads keep abreast of the latest development languages and product platforms in order to propose the best solutions for each project. Our full-time developers offer broad-spectrum support in various technologies. A basic requirement for each team member is the ability to learn. A firm grasp on core programming concepts can be easily extended to any new technology, language or platform. We regard this particular skill as an invaluable asset that accelerates our pursuit to remain on the brink of technological innovation.

Superior Hosting Support

Hosting Support, Traffic Planning and SEO In addition to our expert consulting services, Leviathan Technology provides high availability hosting support, data management services, search engine optimization (SEO) assistance as well as website traffic planning. We focus on personalized hosting support for your website. When you contact our tech staff, you know you are reaching out to a support team that is familiar with your website. System administrators are available 24/7 to monitor system performance and troubleshoot application issues. Contact us for details about our operations support services and custom application hosting. By the way, we also provide extensive knowledge of Google Analytics and other traffic management tools to help you make sense of your site visitor activity.

Amazing Service Partners

Service Partners Coming soon... We could tell you, but its that secret....

Who We Are

  • Stephen Engels

    Stephen Engels

    Stephen Engels is president of Leviathan Technology, and has been working with website consulting and internet application development since 1996. In addition to consulting roles providing website software development, online marketing and system planning, Steve has also worked on a couple start-up websites which have neither made him rich nor famous. In his spare time Steve enjoys traveling; lounging around; reading; beer; and getting into stare down contests with his 9 year old son.
  • Lynna Cekova

    Lynna Cekova

    Lynna Cekova is a Senior Developer and Production Support Manager at Leviathan Technology, responsible for some of Leviathan's major projects. She has an M. S. degree in Computer Science from the Ohio State University and is an open source project contributor. Lynna has years of experience in all cycles of the software development process, both the server side and client side: Java/JEE, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, HSQLDB, PHP, Python, Bash scripting, digital information repositories, e-commerce, GeoServer GIS, HTML and HTML5, AJAX, Javascript, CSS, XML, XSLT, jQuery, JSON, game interface development, WordPress, social media, Google Maps API 3. She is also skilled in graphic design (Gimp, Inkscape, Blender 3D) and loves reading, hiking, and spending time with her husband, Alex.
  • Josh Berry

    Josh Berry

    Josh is a Brooklynite who loves working on funky projects.Joshua studied at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program, where he complemented his technical skills by focusing on UX and Interaction Design.After graduating Joshua worked with Hans Rosling and the Gapminder foundation to build a game based on his signature global health data visualizations. He also worked with clients including Harper Collins, Livestrong, Slow Food, Global Zero, and Dove.
  • José Manuel Berrueta

    Jose Manuel Berrueta

    A pencil is just an appendage of his anatomy, while reading a book enjoys typography first and then the argument. His alphabet are the Pantonera Coated and Hexadecimal codes, color is his language. Photoshop, illustrator, autocad and 3D Max are the favorite tools of this pal. Graphic designer, architecture student, real estate agent and latin lover.
  • Kristine Anne Hoffarth

    Kristine Anne Hoffarth

    Web designer with over five years of professional experience in the design industry. I specialize in creating and updating web sites for other businesses, focusing primarily on design and user experience. Ever since I can remember, I’ve always held an interest for art and design, in some form or another. Temporarily I veered from that path to prove that I could face a challenge, this is where I enlisted in the Air Force. I spent six amazing years as a Search and Extraction EMT fulfilling my dreams of being a hero, saving lives and traveling. Another early aspiration was to be a culinary chef, the aesthetic beauty of presentation and making delicious works of art intrigued me. In the end, logic told me that web design would fulfill my craving for art and allow me to continue to seek out adventures. Born and raised in Minnesota then moved to Florida to escape the cold. I mean, why not live where others vacation? After moving went ahead and bought myself a Harley V-Rod Muscle, knocking off yet another dream. Now I live the dream by throwing my laptop in my backpack, hopping on my Harley and cruising off to a new coffee shop, bar, park, the beach, whatever I want and work with the art that I love.

Development Team

  • Rustam Ayukasov

    Rustam Ayukasov

    Rustam Ayukasov is a hockey lover. He is also a senior software engineer with over 15 years of java and web development experience. He has worked in building advanced web services and mobile apps as well as web applications using Java, Delphi, Oracle, C# since 2001. He also holds a PHD in finance.
  • Victor Bocharov

    Victor Bocharov

    Enterprise application developer, software engineer.
    University degree in computer science.
    Postgraduation study in mathematical cybernetics from 1995 through 1998.
    Extensive field experience in developing client/server applications with MS SQL Server, MySQL, PHP, Delphi; developing components for Borland Delphi/Embarcadero CRS.
    Married, two daughters.
    Interests (some of): family, movies, travel, science fiction, futurology.

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